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Heritage holidays of North and central India Outlook Traveller
This comprehensive guide to holiday destinations covers all the states in North and northeast India and Madhya Pradesh in central India. It contains route guides to various getaways and provides accommodation listings, culture capsules, fast facts and information on where to stay and where to eat, when you get there. With stunning photographs, a useful glossary, and an index, this handy guide will help you decide where and how to get away to 40 destinations plus 100 bonus hideaways. Packed with historical information about the rulers, monuments, culture and cuisine of north and central India, this book covers destinations from the well known, such as Varanasi and Jaipur, to the relatively unheard of, such as Tabo and Majuli. This handy guidebook can help you choose your next Heritage holiday and with contributors such as Jug Suraiya and William Dalrymple, is sure to provide you with interesting reading on your journey.
INR 315  US $ 7.0