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National Geographic : MAPS the complete collection
This complete collection of over 500 maps on eight CD-ROMs is an interactive guide to over a century of National Geographic maps. The CDs let you search through the map, zoom it on and also take a print out if you want. It has numerous topics as, Oceans, Outer Space, and Natural world to Man's Endeavours for everyone's interest. The collection boasts to have all maps featured in the National Geographic magazine from 1888 to the new millennium, which amounts to over 100 years of superbly detailed cartography packed exclusively for you. Buy this unique collection and get the world at your fingertips.

System Requirement :

Pentium, Windows 95/98 or higher, 32 MB RAM, 8XCD ROM DRIVE, SVGA VIDEO CARD SUPPORTING 16-BIT HEIGH COLOR, 16-BIT Compatible Sound Card
INR 3955  US $ 87.9