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Star Trek Collection
Player joins Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, and Doctor McKoy in the battle of mind, tact and perseverance against the enemies of peace in the 4 riveting games available in this Collection.

In the game 'Away Team' player regulates a covert team that is out on a wide range of life and death missions. Player must ensure that his team employs espionage and stealth combat tactics and takes help from the medical, engineering, and science experts for the success of its discreet missions.

'Armada' the second game of the collection calls for a mastermind approach from the player's end. The action-loaded drama tests player's nerves in controlling the four powerful races. Player's single right action can take him many steps closer to his destination while any wrong move on his part can prove to be suicidal for him.

Player must garner the support from the alien forces to outwit his adversaries in the 'Hidden Evil', the third game of the Star Trek Collection. In the battle of stealth and deadly weapons he is helped by top of the line communication gizmos like Tricorder and Communicator.

Last but not the least in 'Voyager-Elite Force', the fourth game of the collection, player must save the U.S.S Voyager from the scathing alien foes. The engaging game uses the Quake III Arena engine technology and the multiplayer modes offer Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, and Team play.
INR 1065  US $ 23.7