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USA - Lonely Planet
New York, Washington D.C., Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Disneyland, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park - discover all this and more with the Lonely Planet USA. Containing over 130 maps and tips on how to travel through the pulsating cities, scenic canyons, Rocky mountains and diverse communities of the United States of America, this handy travel guide is packed with features. 1) Over 130 maps, routes and itineraries of the US 2) A new Food and Drink chapter by an award-winning food writer 3) Sections on history, culture and the environment - including national parks and world heritage sites in the US. 4) The best places to stay, from ski shacks in the Rockies to suites in Los Angeles. 5) New highlights and planning sections, authors picks and expert local advice on every region in the US.
INR 1565  US $ 34.8