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We use 'Pay Seal', a payment gateway system from ICCI bank and ICICI e-payments. ICCI is India's second largest bank. Pay Seal is a secure, real-time, scalable and flexible Internet payment platform, which prevents the unauthorized access of the credit cards. The card details would not be disclosed even to us. Pay Seal adopts the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which is an internationally proven and widely accepted technology.

Pay Seal employs 128-bit encryption to ensure security of online transactions.

Uses a stronghold webserver

The client software, installed at the client's end, encrypts transaction information using 280 bit RSA before passing it through an SSL pipe using 128-bit encryption.

The data is stored at ICICI's own state of the art data center, secured by sophisticated firewalls and other network security infrastructure. Physical access to the data center is restricted by use of biometrics.

The gateway employs both software and hardware encryption to ensure the highest level of security.

Pay Seal is protected by extensive firewalls. The gateway server is assigned a server ID and authenticated by "Verisign", one of the leading certifying authorities. It may be noted that Pay Seal can be adapted to support SET.